Economic Development

Economic Development Plan

Black River-Matheson offers a number of competitive advantages not available in many other northern locations that can benefit all types of businesses. Our business directory provides our current and prospective residents with a complete listing of businesses in the area.

There are a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs to locate their business interests and benefit from emerging prospects in resource-based industries. As opportunities continue to grow and expand in various industry sectors, BRM is working to match emerging needs of businesses. 

Our Master and Economic Development Plans will serve as a both a goal and guide in working towards shared community goals. 

Economic Development Plan

Master Business Plan

Business Plan Report (2021)


Community Development for BRM

The Township of Black River-Matheson has developed a new Community Economic Development Strategic Plan that will explore opportunities to further grow a stronger economy, bolster financial sustainability, and drive an improved quality of life.

Local Business

This section is intended to provide local businesses with information and resources pertinent to operating a business in the Township of Black River-Matheson.

COVID-19 Business Support from the Government 


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